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Welcome to Ingham Claims Services, personal injury claims specialists and loss adjustors. Established in 2008 we have more than a decade of experience helping both solicitors and insurance companies. We offer a number of services including locus reports, full liability reports and providing liability and quantum statements on behalf of claimants and witnesses.

Over the years we have dealt with a variety of insurance claims including motor accidents, accidents at work and medical negligence. These also include slip and trip accidents, work related illness and holiday illness. Whatever the claim is, you can be confident that you will receive a fast, responsive and flexible service tailored around your needs. Please get in touch with us at Ingham Claims Services if you are seeking a claims specialist with wide ranging experience.

Our Expertise

We deal with a range of compensation claims including (but not limited to):

  • Motor accidents
  • Slip and trip accidents
  • Accidents at work

  • Medical negligence
  • Accidents while on holiday
  • Illnesses while on holiday




Personal Injury Claims Consultant in UK. Interviewing claimants, witnesses and locus reports. Road accident.

Our Services

For Solicitors:

  Interviewing Claimants and Creating Court Compliant Statements

Our claimant interviews will ascertain a number of issues including the nature and severity of injuries, liability issues and the costs that have been incurred by the claimant.

  Interviewing Witnesses and Creating Court Compliant Witness Statements

We can also interview any supporting witnesses. Modern technology means we can conduct these online or through the phone, but we are also happy to meet witnesses in person if required.

  Locus Reports

These days there is less need to physically visit the scene of an incident. However we are happy to investigate a scene, take photographs and compile this in a full locus report with photographs if you require this service.




Personal Injury Claims Consultant in UK. Interviewing witnesses, locus reports and full liability reports. Injured man.

Our Services

For Insurers:

  Interviewing Witnesses

We regularly interview insured drivers (in the case of motor accidents) and other cooperating witnesses and write detailed statements which cover the accident circumstances as well as any other issues affecting liability or quantum of which the witness may have knowledge.

  Locus Reports

Our locus reports will contain photographs, information and everything else you need, to give you a clear understanding of the incident.

  Full Liability Reports

Full liability reports will encompass a locus report, witness statements and a comprehensive review of the incident with our recommendation on liability.



Why Choose Ingham Claims Services Ltd.



We understand that circumstances can change at a moments notice. We are a responsive company and can often fulfil requests for interviews and reports the same day or the next day.


Tailored Services

Some insurers and solicitors have a very specific structure they would like their reports to follow. Whatever requirements you have, we’ll tailor our services and our product around your needs.



It is important that your compensation claims are resolved as soon as possible. We’ll ensure that your claims are never delayed by turning around witness reports, locus reports and full liability reports in rapid time.




Our Location

Ingham Claims Services is based in Wombwell, South Yorkshire, but we provide our loss adjuster and personal injury claims services all over the UK. Modern technology means that we can conduct interviews with claimants and witnesses online or over the phone. However, we are also happy to speak to claimants and witnesses in person. This can be at the meeting room in our office in Wombwell or at the home of the claimant or witness.

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