Solicitor Services

Interviewing Claimants

The majority of our personal injury claim consultancy work involves interviewing claimants and writing a Court Compliant statement on their behalf. When we have reviewed the paperwork to the case, we will interview the client and then create a comprehensive and detailed personal statement. The interview will focus on liability issues, accident circumstances, the nature and severity of the claimant’s injuries and disabilities (psychological as well as physical) as well as details of the medical attention that the claimant has received as a result of the accident.

We’ll also discuss the effects of the accident on the claimant’s daily life from their injuries and disabilities as well as any costs that they may have incurred as a result of the accident.

Interviewing Witnesses

At Ingham Claims Services, we are also happy to speak to any witnesses to the accident itself, or to the post accident sufferings of the claimant, and compile this into a supporting statement.

Conditional Fee Agreements

We recognise that the development of the internet has reduced the need for clients and witnesses to be visited personally in their homes to complete and sign Conditional Fee Agreements and statements, nevertheless we can provide this service if required.

Locus Reports

Our locus reports will enable us to compile a full investigation of the incident in question. We’ll visit the location, take photographs and measurements. We’ll combine this into a comprehensive report which will give you all the information you need to support your claim. Internet services such as Google Earth, Streetview and Google Maps mean that for most claims this is unnecessary, however it is a service we can offer should you require it.




If you are seeking personal injury claims consultancy services for a personal injury claim in the UK, please contact us at Ingham Claims Services.




Insurer Services

Interviewing Witnesses

One of our most regular tasks is interviewing and forming Court compliant statements from insured drivers (in the case of motor accidents) as well as co-operating witnesses. These statements will encompass all issues affecting liability and quantum of which the witness may have knowledge. These may include the circumstances of the accident, the nature and extent of the claimant’s injuries, the medical treatment and physiotherapy received and the effects of the injuries on the claimant’s daily life.

Modern technology means that we can complete interviews online or through the phone. Or if you prefer, we can undertake interviews in person at our location or the witnesses.

Locus Reports

Should you require a locus report we will be able to visit the scene of the incident. We can take photographs and measurements as well as create useful diagrams. We understand that modern technology means there is less demand for this service, but it is available should you require it.

Full Liability Reports

A full liability report contains a full description of the accident with both a locus report and witness statements, and a supplementary section on liability. This section will refer to case history, accident circumstances, legal provisions, assessment of Contributory Negligence etc. We are able to give some advice in respect of liability and quantum based upon these enquiries.




If you require liability reports and accident investigation please contact Ingham Claims Services.



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